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Deal or No Deal Brexit – Worry Free Studying


So, we have all heard endless pieces on the dreaded #Brexit and what it might mean for the UK, the implications, the possible restrictions and other doom and gloom outcomes that could happen. But is that really a good enough reason to put off your studying? The simple answer is no.

Even with the uncertainty of Brexit and what it will bring, if you enrol and study online, there is nothing to delay your studying achievements. Unlike conventional study, online studying is the way of the future, you can access your course materials and tutors from wherever you are. whether you’re in Kent or out in Timbuktu, as long as you have an internet connection, you can log on and spend your time studying.

The internet is an amazing place, it will always have freedom of movement, whether that’s the transferring of data and information or the connection with people halfway around the world from where you are. Surfing the web and using computers or mobile devices is second nature to all, so why not use it to your advantage and start using your skills to help you gain more qualifications?

Whether Brexit happens at the end of October or gets delayed again, there are still going to be employers looking for qualified employees, universities looking for suitably educated students and people who need to improve their CV with Continuing Professional Development to get their needed pay rise.

Instead of focusing on the negatives of Brexit and what it can bring, why not use it as your catalyst for starting your educational journey? To help, we’re offering a Deal or No Deal event, whatever the outcome of Brexit, we’re offering 15% off our A-Levels and Level 3 Diplomas for all enrolments before the end of October.

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