Different Ways of Giving Your CV a Boost

A CV on the table

Writing an impressive CV is never easy. Given the fast-paced digital landscape of the hiring process, it has become more challenging than ever before. That’s why it’s crucial for you to learn how you can boost your CV for human readers and electronic scanning systems to get hired in 2021. Here are different ways you can give your CV a boost.

1.   Write To the Future

Please note that your CV is a document that markets yourself. It’s not a historical record. Therefore, you must emphasise the aspects of your career that add to your work summary. Your credentials, accomplishments, and experiences should be clear and must relate to your work summary. This will help the employer get the taste of what you’ll bring to the table.

2.   Add Critical Keywords

Every recruiter and employer uses keywords in the job postings. Therefore, you need to be smart and use the keywords in your resume so that you get recognized by the electronic applicant tracking systems. Failure to do so will get you overlooked, even if you’re perfect for the job.

Moreover, you should use the current keywords and swap them with old lingo. For instance, swap ‘personnel’ with ‘talent acquisition.’

A hiring manager looking at CVs

3.   Showcase the Wow Factor

What are the accomplishments you’d like the recruiter to notice when they first glance at your resume?  You need to add those accomplishments to the forefront of your CV.

We recommend that you add the wow factor at the top of the page. For instance, your profile summary can state phrases like ‘O level distinction holder’ or ‘Bilingual marketing professional.’

You can also add wow statements throughout your resume. For instance, in your work history, you can quantify your achievements like ‘Increased website engagement by 220% within two months.’

You can also flaunt your wow factor under special headings like ‘Media mentions’ and ‘Honors and Awards’

4.   Remove the Objective, Add Summary

When you add ad objective in your CV, you’re stating what you want from the recruiter. To be honest, they don’t care. They care about what you can bring to the table. That’s why a summary section is ideal to concisely highlight your major achievements, job history, and years of work experience.

5.   Write Concisely

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t have the time to sit and read everything on your CV. Therefore, you must keep the information on your document short and impactful. You can quantify your achievements. Adding numbers will ensure conciseness and increase the impact. Where possible, your percentage and monetary values. They’re attractive!

For instance, you can write ‘increased sales by 58% percent’ and add content by saying ‘double of the company’s average.’

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