Diplomas in Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English

Diploma in Teaching Business English

In recent years there has been a growing demand for classes involving Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching Business English. More recently, there has been a marked rise in people taking gap years to teach these classes and with people teaching the classes locally. There are now many opportunities available for those looking to start a career in Teaching Business English either at home or away.

“Nemo dat quod non habet”

Those of you familiar with the law surrounding negotiability of bills of exchange will be familiar with the above Latin maxim. In the more than likely event that you are not, it can be freely translated as “No one can give that which he does not possess”.

The art of teaching is exactly that, an art. And when it comes to a language as difficult and as complicated as English, it’s important you get it just right.

When students enrol to study English as a second language, they are almost a blank canvas, eager to learn, absorb and master the language and they look to their teacher to do this. Which is where a Diploma in Teaching Business English comes in, this course has been specially designed and created to enable you, the teacher, with the skills and abilities to successfully teach your students what they need to know.

Rather than covering the broad spectrum of English, this course focuses on key terms and phrases from the business world. Terms that aren’t always used in day to day living, but are vital for students who operate in the business world to know.

The course will arm you with skills in teaching and engaging adult learners ready for you to begin your exciting journey of Teaching Business English.

If you would like to talk more about your options with studying our Level 3 Diploma courses, please feel free to contact us.