Discussing the Benefits and Challenges of Oxford College Level 3 Diploma courses vs A Levels

In this article we discuss the various benefits and challenges of Oxford College Level 3 diploma versus the potential challenges.

Oxford Learning Level 3 Diplomas:


– Diploma courses are not as strict with time schedules with regard to dates for submission of coursework via distance learning.
– You can have more help with your coursework via the tutor before submission to make sure you achieve the highest grade for your coursework.
– An Oxford College distance learning Diploma at Level 3 takes only 1 year to complete, in many cases much less due to their flexible nature. This may be a benefit if time is of the essence.


Some Universities do not accept these qualifications to support applications and therefore it is prudent for the student to be in touch with the University Administration before they enrol if they are planning on using this qualification to support their application. This is usually the case at some of the top Universities but not most or all.
– The Diploma Level 3 does not carry any UCAS points, but the student is able to apply for an Academic Reference which some Universities will accept.

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Oxford Learning A Level Courses:


These are universally accepted by all institutions and carry UCAS points. The number of points depends on the final grades of the student after their examinations.
– Oxford College and Oxford Learning have been able to offer the student the ability of completing their A Levels in one year via their ‘Fast Track’ option which students have been found to prefer.


These are relatively difficult and due to the examination boards they are linked to, they are strict when it comes to times for submission of coursework and when the student can sit their examinations.

– These are two year courses.

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