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Is Distance Learning Right for Me?

Is distance learning right for me?


If you have ever considered taking a course by distance learning then you will have asked yourself this question. Below we aim to provide enough information for you to decide whether it is right for you.

Learning from home

One of the main things to consider in distance learning is that you won’t be attending a college so you will have to ensure that you have a comfortable place at home to study. If you have a busy home life and large family then you should consider trying to set aside a special time and place in your home to make sure you can dedicate quiet time to your studies.

Being motivated!

Well this is possibly the most important aspect of distance learning. Without the ability to organise your time and set out a good (and realistic) study plan then you will find it harder to get motivated to study. Choosing a subject that interests you is also vital in aiding motivation. As an adult education provider our tutors do not remind you to work or send you emails to warn of your deadlines, it is up to you to dedicate time and effort to completing your course on time.

Online support

You will be assigned a tutor for the duration of your course and they will be on hand by email to answer any questions you may have about the course and your studies. Our Student Advice Team are also available on the phone or by email to answer any general questions you may have. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and supported during your studies and help you achieve the grades you need.


The advantages to online study and distance learning are that you don’t have to attend a college so you are not restricted by location. Providing you have the internet and a computer, you can study from almost anywhere in the world! Another advantage is the timeframe. Our courses can start at any time of the year so you can fit them in around your other plans. You can also maintain a full time job and study in the evenings without having to take time off work to attend college. Prices are also very reasonable and can also be spread over 6 months with our instalment plan.

If you feel you can identify with the above information then it sounds like distance learning is for you. All our courses can be taken by distance learning: Fast Track A Levels, Full A Levels, Level 3 Diplomas and BTEC HNDs in a wide variety of subjects.

Browse our courses and enrol today to get started!