Distance Learning History Courses

Distance Learning History Courses

Our distance learning history courses are great for anyone who loves to study change. Historians are experts in studying how societies and civilisations have changed over time. They use research and analytical skills to assess and answer questions about times gone by, so they can get an idea of the human experience and how people lived in a particular era.

What does a historian do?

Historians use their research skills to fit various pieces of a puzzle together, so that perspectives can be established on life in the past. Studying history continues to inform and shape our current lives and the relationships people have with one another. A historian may have to examine thousands of documents for clues, study artifacts, or assess historical sites in order to piece together a story that tells us about the past.

Analysing history helps us explain problems, disasters and good events that happened in the past, so we can use them to inform our futures. This way, society can learn how to improve and prevent mistakes of the past. Understanding past cultural or racial attitudes for example helps to inform current problems in these areas.

If you’re interested in studying A-Level history or a history diploma through distance learning, we can help at Oxford Learning College with a range of history qualifications.

Why study history through distance learning?

Taking part in an A-Level history course through distance learning will help you understand the importance of previous events and people in history. You’ll study how history has changed the world economically, politically and socially over the years, and gain insight and perspectives into what happened.

A-Level history prepares students for further study at university level, or for a career involving research skills. An A-Level qualification gives you skills that are useful in a range of careers – from historical research itself to teaching, journalism, politics, law, tourism and public sector roles. It isn’t unusual to discover influential business leaders and politicians who have qualifications in history.

What you learn in A-Level history

When you study A-Level history through distance learning, you will build upon your knowledge of important historical events, such as the Industrial Revolution, and the rise of Nazi Germany. You’ll also be able to carry out your own historical investigation from a century of your choosing. You’ll learn to identify and analyse pivotal moments in history, so that you can develop structured perspectives and evidence-based claims.

Another key part is learning how to test your arguments with problem-solving and debate. Course content for A-Level history varies depending on where you are based. The first exam focuses on major historical developments for around 100 years, and how these are interpreted.

The second exam involves the assessment of a period in which major historical change occurred, and there is another assessment in which you are required to submit a historical investigation of a specific century. Tutor-marked assignments will be given along the way to help your understanding.

Types of history courses you can do online

Below are some of the different history courses you can complete online through distance learning.

GCSE history courses distance learning

Studying GCSE history courses through distance learning is a great way to fit your learning around your personal and work commitments. If you didn’t study GCSE history in school or you didn’t get the grade you wanted, a distance learning course gives you another chance to achieve the qualification.

A GCSE in history will enable you to go on to study history at A-Level, or a higher education diploma.

A-Level history with distance learning

We have a range of A-Level courses available with distance learning. The Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in history builds on an already established interest and appreciation of history. It delves into social, religious and cultural issues against the backdrop of history, and develops your skills of research and critical thinking.

You’ll acquire a full understanding of the nature of historical studies, and will build on skills that enable you to make comparisons across different time periods, so you can make conclusions and argue a case with the backing of historical evidence.

If you are looking to enter higher education to study history either as a single or joint honours degree, our A-Level History Bundle will help you to prepare and provide you with the needed qualifications to be a desirable applicant for top universities. The exams for these courses fall in May/June every year. If you need a fast-track qualification, we also offer a Fast Track A-Level History.

Ancient history A-Level

If you love studying ancient civilisations and life in Greek and Roman times, our OCR A-Level in Ancient History could be just up your street. You’ll learn about the politics and culture of Athens between 460-399 BC, and discover what life was like when Britain was part of the Roman Empire.

This qualification is highly respected among universities and is a great pathway to studying classics at degree level. You’ll study in depth the social and cultural history of ancient times, explore events, issues and significant individuals during these periods, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills as you assess historical debates.

We also offer a Fast Track A-Level Ancient History for those who are keen to complete the course in less time.

Online history diploma

If you’re more interested in 20th-century history, our Accredited Level 3 History Diploma will help you gain insight into topics like Stalin, the Cold War, British politics and more. You’ll look at superpower relations during the period, events that occurred, and learn how to review and assess information and apply reasoned arguments. The course is made up of ten units and is awarded with quality assurance from CIE Global.

Another option is the Quality Licence Scheme Level 3 History Diploma, which covers American British and Russian history from 1920-1991.

Career options with a history qualification

If you study history at A-Level, you will possess many communication and analytical skills that are desirable to universities and employers. There are many career options to choose from if you have a qualification in history, in industries like academia, law, HR and finance. You could also look for job roles like:

  • Museum curator
  • Librarian
  • Archivist
  • History teacher or lecturer
  • Civil servant

Why study history with Oxford Learning College?

At Oxford Learning College, we are one of the world’s leading distance learning centres, with students from all over the world. You can choose when and where you study, and can complete your chosen history course in a much shorter time than if you were based at a college in person.

You can be more flexible with your studying and make it fit around your other commitments like work or caring for others. We offer 0% APR on all installment plans for all our online courses so they fit in with your budget, and all of our courses are overseen by experienced and highly qualified tutors who are there to offer guidance, support and answer questions when you need them.