Eight YouTube Science Channels that Will Revolutionise Your Learning


Gaining access to learning material is increasingly easy in this day and age. Whether it’s via an online course, the limitless information of the internet or a good, old-fashioned library there’s no shortage of ways to find out more about any given subject. But sometimes you might need a helping hand in a subject and an alternative approach would be beneficial.

YouTube is a great educational resource. If you need to research topics, delve into something new or seek further explanation on subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Physics the world’s second biggest search engine has a channel for you. The idea here is that learning should be fun and sciences are easily applied to life so with creative hosting and some eye-catching graphics YouTube is a perfect learning resource.

Here are the best educational science YouTube channels if you’re studying GCSEs or A Levels in sciences – or simply have a generally inquisitive mind.



Hank Green hosts the SciShow. His fast, upbeat, straightforward presenting style easily keeps your attention while he covers all sort of topics that you’ve always wondered about such as: why do cats purr? And what is gluten?

Smarter Everyday


Rocket engineer Destin takes you through some awesome science experiments to explore the world. His approach and methodology is clear and structured, and key learnings are defined. If this channel doesn’t get you interested in sciences then nothing will.

Physics Girl


Upbeat and fun delivery by a female (for a change) about all sorts of cool practical topics on Physics. This American science education channel is a little less structured than some of our others but is still more than helpful to A Level students.

Minute Physics


Minute Physics’ core belief is if you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it enough, and ethos that more than comes through in the diagrams and illustrations of their educational channel. Parallel universes, immoveable objects vs. unstoppable forces, the nature of gravity and whether it’s better to walk or run in the rain are the type of questions they tackle.

Crash Courses


Hank teaches 10-15 minute sessions in Biology, Ecology and general Chemistry. By using illustrations and a slightly sarcastic approach to introducing sciences these bite-sized lessons are thorough and useful. Topics include the periodic table, network solids and carbons, distances, and the immune, reproductive and digestive systems.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


These cleverly animated and accessibly narrated YouTube videos cover all sorts of topics not just on science. They look at such big subjects as evolution, time, space, global energy and our general existence and tackle a range of fascinating questions like: What is life? What happens when you step into a Black Hole? Are you alone? And what is light?

Reactions – Everyday Chemistry


This YouTube channel from the American Chemical Society covers Chemistry in everyday life. They tend to be more ‘I’ve always wondered that’ than in-depth academic sort of videos but they’re interesting all the same. Answers to how deodorant works, what’s the world smallest robot, what makes peppers hot and dispelling food myths are served up in fun, easily digestible chunks.

Asap Science


Two hosts Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown tackle all sorts of subjects in a very light-hearted way. They do whiteboard videos as well as hosted ones with topics covered ranging from how much XXX will kill you, what happens if you stopped eating and anxiety tips. Look out for their Acapella parodies which are very amusing indeed.

Of course there are so many other YouTube channels on science-related subjects but these are our pick of the most engaging. Check them out.

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