Environmental Science and Climate Change

Environmental Science and Climate Change

Unless you’ve been avidly avoiding all forms of media lately, you have no doubt heard a lot about climate change in the news. There is a growing movement among people, both young and old, to get to grips with the issues at hand and try and stop them in their tracks. If you’re a fan of Social Media, you will have seen the endless trending hashtags going round Twitter and Facebook for people to follow all the movements happening (#ClimateChange #ClimateStop #ClimateStrikeUK).

Many countries across the world have made commitments to reduce emissions and make a difference to their effect on the environment. However, it is not always easy to see how they hope to achieve these targets.

It is clear, that in order to make the changes necessary, everyone is going to make changes to their lifestyles and habits. The best way to get people to make these changes is to educate them in the causes of climate change and effects of the things which they are doing. Effective climate change education increases the number of informed and engaged people, building social will or pressure to shape policy, and building a workforce for a low-carbon economy.

In light of this, Oxford Learning College has decided to offer a range of Diplomas in Environmental Science, to help educate people on our environment and the effects we are having on our climate. With courses ranging from Level 3 Diplomas through to Accredited Level 5 Diplomas, you are bound to find an Environmental Science course to help educate and further educate you on the topic.

Needless to say, fixing the damage that climate change has caused won’t be an overnight fix, there will soon be a high demand for qualified people in the field to come together and help find ways to fix and reverse the issues at hand. So if you want to be part of that solution, enrol today and get on your path to studying Environmental Science.