Examination Results Day 2018

results day 2018

When is results day in 2018?

The results day schedule for 2018 is as follows:

  • A Level results released 16th of August.
  • GCSE results released 23rd of August.

For all of you who have completed your examinations this exam period, you’re now in the nerve racking waiting time! Days will feel like weeks and weeks will feel like months, but before you know it results day will be here.

Generally, A Level students will encounter one of the following 3 outcomes:

  • You are holding at least one conditional place – This means that your university has not yet confirmed your place to UCAS. You should contact the University directly for more information.
  • Your place has been confirmed – This means you have been accepted onto one or more of your choices! Congratulations! You will be contacted on what to do next.
  • You are in Clearing – This means you did not get any offers or your results mean you did not meet the conditions on an offer.

GCSE students will encounter one of the 2 following outcomes:

  • Congratulations! You got the grades you needed and you’re going to the college or sixth form you wanted to go to.
  • You’ve not done as well as you hoped and the grades aren’t quite what you needed to get into college or sixth form.


What do I need to do to get my Results?

To collect your results, you will need to contact your exam centre. You may be required to attend in person to collect the results, if this is the case, be sure to bring a form of photo ID to confirm your identity. You will normally be issued a document that confirms your grades for each unit and your overall course grade.

Students who have applied to university through UCAS will be able to log in to check their results from 6 AM. Many students opt for this option, so be prepared to wait, the UCAS website is frequently overloaded on results day and you may not be able to access it for several hours. When you manage to get to the UCAS website, you will be able to track your application through UCAS’ Track service.


Certificates are not issued on results day. Certificates are issued 2-3 months after results day and are normally posted directly to students by their exam centres. Students should contact their exam centre to confirm.


If after receiving your results you feel that your grades are not an accurate representation of your work, or you feel that you were disadvantaged on the day of the exam, you have the option to appeal. An appeal does not guarantee that your grade will change. An appeal must be made within 14 calendar days of receiving your results. Students considering an appeal should contact their exam centre. The awarding body may choose to charge you or your centre fees to process an appeal.

Please see the following links on how to contact Edexcel, OCR and AQA:


Other Options

If all didn’t go well with your A Levels  or GCSEs and you can’t bear the idea of going through another year (or two) of study to retake your courses, you can always look at other routes and qualifications. Diplomas are also a great way of getting qualifications you need for your dream job or university place. Unlike A Levels or GCSEs, they aren’t tied to an exam timetable and all your work is assessed on a coursework basis.