Four of the Best A Level Maths Books


Finding a range of the right text books to help you through your studies is always likely to be a key factor in getting the grades you need – and nowhere is this more the case than with A Level Maths. Here, then, are a few of the best A Level Maths books that have been tried and tested by our online students over the years…

Core 1 & Core 2 Edexcel AS Mathematics, Keith Pledger et al. Published by Heinemann

These are the qualifications on which our online A Level Maths courses are based, and they go a long way towards eliminating some of the misconceptions that maths students usually face with the subject. Each chapter starts with some background of each subject which helps to make the transition between GCSE and A Level and there are several books available on the different branches of the subject. Best of all, though, there are plenty of exercises in the books to give you lots of practice.


A Level Maths for OCR C3, Paul Sanders. Published by Oxford, Cambridge & RSA

The OCR books are complete practice and revision books for all A Level Maths students. They have great and easy to follow notes and regular questions for practice along the way. At the end of each module are two exams to help you to understand how well you’re doing. The books are quite light-hearted and funny too – which perhaps isn’t what you’d expect from a Maths text book!

AS/A Level Maths for AQA – Core 1 & 2. Published by CGP Books

AQA books are another Maths revision and practice series – because, after all, you can’t have TOO much of either, can you? We find this one especially useful for self-learning and lots of our past and present students agree with us. Each core subject is available in a different book as well as a statistics edition. It is written in easy to understand language and explains the theory alongside examples to make it easier for you. Again there are practice exams at the end of each section with the answers in the back of the book. No cheating now!

Collins Maths – Bridging GCSE and A Level: Student Book. Mark Rowlands

This Maths book from Collins is ideal for helping make the transition between GCSE and A Level. It often feels like a big leap but this is a really good way to get there especially as a refresher for those who may have had a break from education. It goes over some topics covered in GCSE maths to remind you, and then it carries on to explain the more complex maths of A Level.

All the above books are available to buy on Amazon.

Got a favourite Maths book that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments section below.

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