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Eight Memes that Pretty Much Sum Up Student Life

So it’s the last semester before summer which means it’s exams and coursework time. Yay. Before we get stuck into heavy exam revision mode, though, we thought we’d indulge in a bit of quick fun about student life. After all, as Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. We bet some of these funny student memes will raise a smile or two…

You get your first student card and realise you can get 10 and 20% off really important necessities…

Topshop Meme

It’s your first year and you get given a group exercise. You’re excited (at first) about team projects, then realise the pain… Oh, the sheer pain.

Batman Meme

Where’s Wally? On a gap year apparently.


Socialising down the pub is a minefield and there’s always one who doesn’t know the polite rules of student drinking…


Classes on a Monday morning halfway through term. No, no. We’re listening. Honest.


But, seriously, social media can really get in the way of study…

social media meme

When a) saving money and b) having no inclination to go out and buy household items is high on the agenda, genius inventions can come naturally to students…

invention meme

Meanwhile among the mistakes, sleepless nights, adolescent behaviour and determination the reality is…

graduation meme

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