How Gaining Level 3 Diplomas Changed My Life

Level 3 Diploma in Marine Biology

How Gaining Level 3 Diplomas Changed My Life – Jamie B (Student)

I had been stuck in a soul-destroying job since leaving school just after gaining my GCSEs. Day after day I would dread the monotony of 9 – 5, Monday to Friday dealing with endless paperwork which never seemed to end.

Then one Sunday afternoon while preparing for the week ahead, I found myself engrossed in a documentary about the ocean and the amazing world that goes almost un-noticed beneath the surface. It was truly fascinating and I was inspired to try and begin a career within this field.

With a simple Google search about Oceanography and Marine Biology, I quickly found what qualifications were needed and how best to get them. As crazy as this might sound, by the end of that week, I had enrolled myself with Oxford Learning College on the Level 3 Diploma in Marine Biology and Oceanography, even though the course was a year in length, I was so engrossed and determined that I found I managed to complete the courses within just 6 months.

Armed with my new qualifications, I began applying for entry level roles within the field. It wasn’t long before I managed to get an offer working with the local zoo in their marine department, although not quite diving the oceans and seeing the world, it was a start. I was getting to help educate people on how the oceans worked and why we needed them on Earth, I wasn’t stuck behind a desk wishing that I was somewhere else, I wasn’t dreading the working week ahead.

After a few months of working with the zoo, I was offered the chance to further my level of study with funding from the department, I jumped at the chance and enrolled myself on the Level 5 Diploma in Environmental Science. So far, I’m only 2 months into my new course, but loving it just as much as the first Diplomas I studied.

If I had to give just one piece of advice to anyone, it would be that life is too short to be stuck in a job you hate and studying in your spare time really isn’t as demanding as you might think, especially when you get the results and changes you truly need!