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GCSE Results Day 2019

GCSE Results

The big day is finally here! You have received your results and now you just follow the plan, right? Well, that’s how it’s meant to work out. Although, often in life, things hardly ever go to plan and so you have to be flexible and find another route.

You and many other students who have just received their GCSE results will be in one of three positions right now:

Your GCSE Results have Arrived: You’re off to College

Congratulations! All that hard work over the past year has paid off and you’re following the route you planned. Enjoy the journey and experience that the next few years of study have to offer you.

If you feel that you’re not settling into A-Level study and you need another route, there is always the option of an Apprenticeships or professional Level 3 Diplomas to consider.


Your GCSE Results have Arrived: They’re not the Results You Needed

That’s OK, these things happen, what you need to do now is decide if you want to try again and re-take your GCSEs or if you want to find an alternate college or carry on your studies through online learning.

If you decide to carry on your studies with an online college, the first steps we would advise you to do is work out your learning style. Often, students fail to gain qualifications they need due to the type of course they are studying not suiting their learning type. There are several free tests and quizzes online for you to try, or you can take our Learning Type Quiz to see which of the four learning types you most are like and which type of courses will best suit you.


Your GCSE Results have Arrived: Now You Don’t Know What to do Next

You might be finding yourself questioning if going on to College or Sixth Form is right for you, maybe you want a chance to explore life and get a taste of the working world. There are many jobs that you can go straight into with GCSEs or Level 2 Diplomas, including the Armed Forces, Junior Web Designer, Trainee Police Officer or Firefighter.


Who can help?

There are lots of sources of help and advice that you can seek out who are there ready and waiting to help you.

If you are considering carrying on your studies through an online college, we suggest you contact our Student Services Advisors, who can help and advise you on courses we offer that may be the perfect fit for your next steps. Get in touch today and see how we can help.