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GCSE Results Day – What to Expect

GCSE Results

So, the date for the GCSE results is fast approaching. Your results will be provided to you in a sealed envelope at the place you took your exams. Try to stay calm and maybe have a bite to eat before you go to collect them – you may need that extra energy!

Upon receipt of your results, you may be wondering which way to go next. Don’t panic! We are here to guide you.


Didn’t get the Results you Wanted?

Fear not! You could always consider retaking them. Here at Oxford Learning College we offer iGCSE’s in English and Mathematics.

We also offer a wide range of Accredited Level 2 Diplomas, from Accounting to Commerce to Religious Studies. All of our courses come with a Personal Tutor who is an expert in their field, and you can ask them as many questions as you need to.

All our study material is provided online, and the iGCSE courses take one year to complete.


I Passed my GCSE’s and want to Continue my Education – What Options are Available to me now?

If you don’t like the idea of attending a college of further education, you could always consider studying online.

Here at Oxford Learning College we offer a wide range of A Levels which can be taken over 1 or 2 years. All study materials are provided in our online Campus learning environment, and you are provided with a Personal Tutor who you can go to with any questions you need. You can ask your tutor as many questions as you want – there are no limits!

We also offer a number of Level 3 Diplomas – both Accredited and Professional. These are priced differently depending on whether you intend to further your studies or go straight into the workplace after your studies.

The Accredited Diplomas offer 120 Academic Credits which, although not the same as UCAS points, are very similar and are recognised by many universities and further education institutions. There are no examinations with the Accredited Level 3 Diplomas – they are assessed via coursework assignments – one midway through the course and one at the conclusion. The Accredited Level 3 Diplomas are not graded – they are simply a pass or fail.

The Professional Level 3 Diplomas do not carry Academic Credits, but they do enhance your CV. There are no mandatory coursework assignments, but there is a final examination which consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You can take this exam at any time if you finish your studies early. You need to achieve 27/50 for a Pass, 32/50 for a Merit, or 40/50 for a Distinction.

If you are not sure what options are open to you, why not contact our Student Services Team on 01865 595263 and we will be happy to help.