Get An Online Degree

With the new decade at our doorstep, it’s time to get that degree you’ve always wanted, improving the potential of your life and career. With Oxford Learning College, you’ll get the highest quality of learning from one of the world’s leading online education providers. Working with education partners around the world to provide quality home-study courses including A-levels and accredited diplomas worldwide.

We have several options available, so you can pick the package you’re comfortable with and learn at your own rate. Whether you’re looking for Fast Track A-level courses so that you can get the job you’re looking for, or experience in a chosen field at a fast speed.

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Give yourself a new path in life and get an online degree with us

Here at Oxford Learning College, we have specially devised online education programmes that will allow you to learn about your chosen subject whenever you want, wherever you want. From the bottom with our iGCSE courses through to foundation degree courses, we are on hand to guide you to the next step in your career and learning.

With developments in the way we utilise the online world, our learning platform gives you the freedom to work through an online course towards a qualification with ease.

Our qualifications are ideal for increasing your knowledge and your CV all in one. Your knowledge of your subject will improve no matter what level of qualification you choose; and having a professional educational qualification on your CV can only be a positive for prospective employers.

No matter the level of education you’re currently working at, our range of online education programmes will be sure to elevate you to the next one. Choose Oxford Learning College to develop your learning and your CV. To discover more about our work and why we are trusted across the world, speak with us today.