Get A Long-Distance Degree

Accelerating your education learning curve is all about feeling comfortable, motivated and passionate about your subject. There will be obstacles and challenges to face, but you’ll be sure to come out at the other end with an abundance of life experience.

At Oxford Learning College we can help you get a long-distance foundation degree that will set you well on the pathway to success. Our accredited Level 5 Foundation degree courses are a perfect place to start if you want to get a fully-fledged degree in the future without having to go to class, move away from home or give up your job.

Progress your career and develop your skills at Oxford Learning College

Our range of long-distance degree courses at Oxford Learning College will allow you to work online whenever you want to. We have made our online learning platform user friendly, easy to use and great for when you’re on the go. If you want to learn in the evenings or early in the morning, you’ll be able to do it with our long-distance degrees.

Take a look at some of the wide ranging accredited Level 5 Foundation Degree courses we have to make your decision. From accounting and environmental science to sports science and business studies, our long-distance foundation degree courses could be ideal for you.

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