Giving the Gift of Learning

Gift of Learning

As cheesy as you might think this sounds, giving the gift of learning is actually one of the best gifts you could give to someone. Not only are you giving them an invaluable gift that will last a lifetime, but you’re also providing them with the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Through life, there are endless reasons and issues that stop people hitting their true potential, poor health, family commitments, even bad decisions in school, but that doesn’t mean people have to give up on harnessing their full potential. Let’s be honest, we have all been there at some point, wanting to improve on ourselves but not having the resources to do it. Especially in our younger days when we were just starting out in the professional world, just think how great it would be if you gave someone you knew that all so vital chance to improve their CV and grab that promotion.

With distance learning, there is the option to fit studying into your spare time, meaning someone wouldn’t have to do the big commitment of giving everything up to return to school, they can still work full time and achieve the qualifications they want or need. With courses ranging from Accredited Level 2 Diplomas through to Master’s Degree equivalent Diplomas, there will be a qualification to get any driven student on their way. You never know, your gift of learning could help start someone on a journey of learning, progressing them beyond where they ever thought possible and best of all, if they want to continue after the course you got them, all our courses are CPD certified, so they can ask their employer to help with funding their learning too.

How do I give the Gift of Learning?

Easy! Contact the college and discuss the course options. Then once decided upon, we can provide you with a letter confirming the enrolment of the person you wish to gift a course to. Or, if you want something bigger to wrap, we can order paper materials to be delivered to you, so you can wrap them and put them under the tree.

So, if you know someone who deserves another chance to reach their full potential, why not help them out and give the gift of learning? Or maybe you want to treat yourself this Christmas and give yourself the gift of learning? Get in touch with our helpful Student Services team on 01865 595263 and see what courses we have to offer.