Did you know you can get Grants for Studying?

Grants for Studying

So, when you think of learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification, your initial thoughts might be about the cost of doing this. Education in any form can be costly and can sometimes be too much to afford with a limited income or when you’re on benefits. However, with that said, it doesn’t mean that you can never do that course you have always wanted to do, it just means you must plan out how you’re going to do it.

There are numerous charities and grant schemes out there that are available for people in just your position. The tricky part is finding them and applying, well at least that used to be the case! There is now a helpful and useful website that will help you find charities and funds you can apply to.

Turn2Us is a service that helps UK citizens, both domestically and internationally, from all situations and backgrounds to find funding for their educational needs. With just a few clicks and a few personal details, you can find out about all the available funds close to you that you can apply for.

Suddenly, that long-lost dream of studying and improving your career prospects becomes a lot more real and feasible. There’s a chance for you to apply for a grant or funding and (if successful), improve your education and in turn your working prospects.

Once you have your funding, there are numerous online colleges like Oxford Learning College who offer A-Levels and Diplomas for you to study in your spare time. They are flexible and done online, so they can fit round your commitments and be studied from home.

So, the only thing left to ask is…What’s stopping you?