How can I get into University?

get into University

So, if you’re desperate to get into university and start your studying journey to gain a Degree, you might be wondering if the only way to get there is with A-Levels or if there might be another option available.

More often than not, people are put off by the idea of having to go to school (or college) for 2 years, before sitting a load of difficult exams to gain the needed qualifications to get them into university.

However, times have changed and so have the required qualifications to get you into university! Now you can get into university with a Pearson Edexcel BTEC HNC qualification or an Accredited Level 4+5 Diploma. The great thing about these courses are that they are entirely coursework based, there are no tricky exams to trip you up at the end and you aren’t tied to the standard examination periods, meaning you can apply for university as soon as they have places available.

In terms of how to get into university, HNCs and Diplomas are a total game changer for students, you can study online, complete the courses when you want and save yourself money all in preparation for when you begin your chosen Degree course. The courses are split into manageable units of study, allowing you to pace your learning and break it down into chunks that you can easily digest.  You have a personal tutor on hand to help and guide you through your studies and who is there to mark your work and provide you with full and thorough feedback.

So, what’s stopping you from enrolling today? Get in touch for more help and advice from our friendly Student Services team.