How Social Media can help with your English Language Studies

English Language Studies

You may think that Twitter is for keeping up with friends, following the latest trends, and keeping up to date with what is going on in the world; but it can also help you with your studies for A Level English Language. Here is our guide to Twitter accounts worth following:

Rob Drummond @RobDrummond

Rob Dummond is a reader in Sociolinguistics at Manchester Metropolitan University, and worth a follow for any updates relating to accent and dialect, as well as identity. His book ‘Researching Urban Language and Identity’ (2018), was published last year, which could also help with your studies.

Deborah Cameron @wordspinster

You have probably already heard the name Deborah Cameron through your studies. A linguist, feminist and published author. She writes about all things relating to language and gender, and shares different articles almost daily (most of them are quite humorous). Also check out her blog as it’s a thought-provoking and educational read:

EngLangBlog @EngLangBlog

This Twitter account is run by the teacher/author Dan Clayton, who also works closely with AQA. Although this account is aimed as AQA A Level English Language students, the topics, areas of language study and assessment objectives, are the same for all the other exam boards, and therefore very helpful. Also check out Clayton’s personal account @DanSeanClayton for extra language news and information, as well as his blog:

Why not share with us any Twitter accounts, or any social media accounts, you follow to help with your studies? We’re always happy to help inform our students of other helpful places for their studies.


Drummond, R. (2018). Researching Urban Youth Language and Identity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan