How to Get Better at Distance Learning

A girl studying online

Whether you’re attending remote classes or completing coursework at your own pace, here are some tips to help you get better at distance learning.

1.   Create a Dedicated Study Area

Your study space can have a significant impact on how you study. The space should be well-lit and quiet to help you focus. Your dedicated study area must have ample space to spread your books and notes. A desk or a table works best. You should be comfortable but avoid being too comfortable. For instance, taking an online class may sound tempting. However, to ensure that your brain’s circadian rhythm works well, you should separate the area where you sleep and where you study. Even some pillows and beanbags on the floor will be better than studying on your bed.

2.   Get Dressed

It doesn’t matter if your classes are online. You must get out of the loungewear or pajamas and wear clothes that you’d wear every for an in-person class. The simple act of getting ready for studying will help you be more present and alert.

A boy taking an online class

3.   Take a Break from Your Phone

Turn off the TV and keep your phone away from your study space. Screens will prevent you from studying. You can tell the people you reside with that you’re studying and would want some privacy to be able to work.

4.   Take Short Breaks

After a long study session, you deserve a break. You can treat yourself to a 15-minute-long break after studying for a class. Get up, move around, walk away from your study station, stretch, and get some fresh air.

5.   Eat Healthy

Healthy foods like nuts, seeds, berries, yogurt, and fish can help you keep your body strong and your mind sharp. While sugary foods, especially chocolate, may appeal to you, the excess sugar can lead to an energy crash. While you’re snacking, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

6.   Think Positively

When your day starts or ends, think about three things in your life that you’re grateful for, write them down, and pin them to the wall in front of the study table. This practice will help you be grateful for what you have. It’ll also help you achieve your goals without being bogged down by negative thoughts.

Start practicing the tips we’ve provided above. We can guarantee that you’ll have an excellent learning experience remotely.

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