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How to Make the Most of Distance Learning

How to make the most of distance learning

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a method of studying that does not require sitting in a classroom and having face-to-face contact with a teacher and colleagues. All learning materials are provided for students to use based on the course framework. This means that one can study from anywhere in the world be it at home, in a cafe or even on the bus.

The benefits of distance learning

Home learning courses allow you to study when it suits you best. If you have other responsibilities it may be difficult to travel to a particular location for face-to-face courses, especially when the times conflict with your busy agenda.

The flexibility offered by such courses does not mean that you will get less support. As part of your course you will have access to the tutors who are always available to help and answer any questions that you might have.

Top courses offered by Oxford Learning College include A Level courses, Fast Track A Level courses and Level 3 Diplomas.

What are the challenges?

Online courses will, of course, require access to a computer and an internet connection so you must ensure that you have access to these on a regular basis and the appropriate skills to make the most of the technology available to you.

When learning from afar it can be hard to stay focused and motivated as there is no routine to follow, however, you shouldn’t be put off by this thought. The trick is to organise your time in order to use it effectively. Read on to learn how to do just that.

How to organise your time?

Make sure to set time aside in your calendar for studying and completing coursework. Do this in advance, preferably for a few weeks and aim to stick by the times that you’ve set for yourself. Allow plenty of time for breaks, especially between different tasks, to eat, rest and relax; this will clear your mind and ensure you’re ready to tackle the next objective head-on.

We recommend using a free online organisational tool such as Asana to keep track of your studying. You can create tasks for yourself and set deadlines to make sure that you are always on top of your workload.

How to stay focused and motivated?

Even those with the best intentions will sometimes hit a slump. Watch these top five videos to get you motivated for anything and get right back on track.

Study tips

To make sure you’re off to a great start, we’ve picked a few top study tips for you:

1. Create flashcards

Create your own flashcards to revise from. Creating flashcards with bite-sized information will help you learn twice: first when creating the cards and secondly when using them to study.

2. Quiz yourself

Think up of a few questions that could come up during the exam or find mock and past exam papers online. Go through them as if you were in an actual exam – no cheating! Then check your own work against the correct answers and see if there is anything you could add if you were to answer the questions again. Repeat the process.

3. Create or find a study space

You could either transform the corner of a room or even find a quiet library to work from, just make sure you’re comfortable there and the environment helps you focus on work. Try to avoid working from bed or laying down on the sofa when you are reading if you want to stay in the right mood for studying.