Why I Studied Level 2 Diplomas

Why I studied Level 2 Diplomas – Chantel A (Student).

School for me as a child was like most kids’ school years. Filled with fun, games and the dread of exams at the start of summer. I say dread because like most, the pressure of exams always got to me! That clock ticking down the time and the fear of not having an entire year’s answers tucked away ready to answer questions always meant the same outcome. A fail.

In my opinion, the method of marking a student’s progress all based on an hour’s exam is just cruel. More often than not, the results are people under achieving their true potential. All of this without them having the chance to put things straight without going through the same process again.

This is where Level 2 Diplomas came to my rescue. Unlike GCSEs, Level 2 Diplomas aren’t exam based courses. Instead you study the course syllabus and submit assignments at set points through the course. Which means for people like me, all the dreaded exam stress is taken away. I can study through the course, take on all the information about the subject and then calmly and carefully relay what I have learnt in an assignment.

The idea that you can gain a GCSE level qualification with no exams is just brilliant! And No exams isn’t even the best part of doing Level 2 Diplomas, the best part is the way you can study them and how. Being a year in length, you have the flexibility to study the course materials as and when you want. With there being no exam timetable, if you find the course easy to take on and absorb, there’s no reason why you can’t finish the course in a few months. Meaning you get your shiny new qualification ready to add to you CV really quickly.

So far I have studied three Level 2 Diplomas, one in Accounting, one in Business Studies and one in ICT. The ICT one I’m still studying and enjoying currently. Once I have finished and passed this course, it will open up the chance for me to get a position in my dream job, working in the banking industry. Had it not been for Level 2 Diplomas, I would be stuck with no qualifications and no hope.