Can International Students Study UK A-Levels?

international student

As an international student you may be wondering if you can enrol and study UK A-Levels. The simple and quick answer to this question is yes. All forms of A-Levels, whether they are international or UK only can be studied by anyone irrespective of where they live in the world.

The important factor when it comes to A-Levels is where you plan to sit your examinations for the qualification. You will find with some A-Levels that are available can only have the examinations taken in the UK. This applies to AQA and OCR A-Levels, so if you wanted to do A-Level Psychology or Sociology with Oxford Learning College, you would need to sit all the examinations in the UK at a registered examination centre. The same applies to our A-Levels in Ancient History and Classical Civilisation based on the OCR syllabus. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t gain the qualifications.

Provided you are aware of which Awarding Bodies you are studying with and their examination requirements, there is no reason why (as an international student) you can’t enrol onto and study UK A-Levels. With Edexel A-Levels, many of these courses are available for sitting at a local examination centre internationally. So, although based on the UK specification, you can do the examinations locally to you. When it comes to AQA or OCR A-Levels, you just have to travel to sit the examinations, all private examination centres in the UK will welcome international students to sit their examinations with them.

With Oxford Learning College, international students are free to enrol and study any of our A-Levels. Once enrolled you will have access to all the course materials you need to learn and study in order to successfully pass your examinations, you will also be provided with a tutor who is an Academic Expert in the field and they will help and guide you through your studies. Best of all, we charge our international students the same course fees we would a UK student, so no nasty fee hikes just because you live outside the UK.

So why haven’t you enrolled already? You can enrol through our website or by contacting one of the team on +44 1865 595263 or