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Interview with a Student – Part 1

Oxford Learning College is pleased to be able to assist Grand Home Care in it’s mission to enhance the standards of care in Gibraltar.

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We asked one of our new students to tell us about themselves and what they hoped to gain from competing the course. Nirvana is currently enrolled on our Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

Oxford – Please tell our students about yourselves, your background and how you got working for GHC?

Nirvana – My name is Nirvana and I am 20 years old. I left school when I was 17 as I was not enjoying my A Levels because I felt that I had chosen the wrong subjects.

I started off working as a Dental Nurse which I loved at first but soon realised that was not for me. My aim was to find a job I would enjoy doing and that I would forward to every day. After 7 months unemployed, I heard about GHC, I had never thought about being a Support Worker but went ahead and up to this day I am sure that this is what I want to do.

Oxford – As a student just starting the course, how does it feel to go back into education?

Nirvana – I feel like I have been given another opportunity to get somewhere. In the past I have regretted not furthering my studies when I was able to and now I can, and it gets better. I am finally looking into something that I am very interested in, which motivates me to do as best as I can.

Oxford – Do you think distance learning makes it easier for people to learn, particularly if they have full-time jobs?

Nirvana – I have always thought that having someone there to explain and go through your work with you is much help. I believe that having a full-time job and studying at the same time will be hard but distance learning gives you the ability to chose your own study time and work at your own pace.

Having people who are doing the same course is also an advantage as we can talk about the work together, so I do think it makes it easier in this situation.

Oxford – Is distance learning more flexible than traditional school?

Nirvana – I suppose that it would be more flexible in the sense that you will not have anyone “running” after you to get your work in. It is an advantage as it allows you to work at your own pace as I mentioned, but it could turn into a disadvantage if we become careless.

I believe that we must make the most out of the time that we have and set ourselves targets to complete the course without falling behind.

Oxford – Once you finish the course, how do you intend to progress?

Nirvana – I aspire to graduate to degree level in Health and Social Care. I would like to manage and inspire others, as I have been inspired. It is a circle. I am one of the first from the ETCL scheme and GHC study programme, now I am supporting others to follow suit. This is an opportunity of progressing to degree level vocationally, whilst I earn and remain in Gibraltar.

I think this is a progression route that will benefit many that have the ability but up until now weren’t able to qualify as the routes available till now did not fit their lifestyles or enabled them to remain in Gibraltar. This is an amazing vocation, not a job and to be able to grow, learn and progress and pass the love of my vocation to others. That is my progression, not just for me and my clients but for the next batch of trainees I will work with and hopefully inspire.