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January Charity – British Horse Society

Our first charity for 2015 is the British Horse Society. For every like we receive on our facebook page, we will donate 50p to the BHS.

BHS logo 1797

Read more about the BHS below:

Faith, Hope and Charity Urgent Appeal by the British Horse Society – From ‘Trash’ to ‘Treasure’
The British Horse Society has been working hard to draw the public’s attention to the UK’s unprecedented equine welfare crisis caused by indiscriminate breeding and changes in the economic climate. There are simply too many horses and no market for them. If an animal doesn’t sell, it is cheaper to dump it than continue to pay for its upkeep.

We are committed to our vital work in education and will endeavour to resolve the crisis in this way. We took on Faith, Hope and Charity, whose stories reflect those of thousands of abandoned ponies – they were young, unbroken mares and need time and money invested in them. Raising funds through an urgent appeal meant that we could place these ponies in to BHS Approved Riding Centres for care, rehabilitation and training to give them skills and purpose for a more secure future.

Thank you to all BHS members who supported this appeal and helped Faith, Hope and Charity and others like them.