The Best Jobs Working With People

childcare building blocks

Are you a ‘people person’? Or do you find that handle a little old-fashioned, a bit of a cliché? Perhaps you’d rather describe yourself as personable, friendly or a great communicator?

What about when it comes to choosing a career? Is this the road you would like to take? Let’s face it, we’re not all cut out to face a flickering computer screen all day. If you have problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence and are a great listener, then perhaps you might consider a job working with people.

If you’re armed with the right degree or diploma – and are ready to think about choosing a career on your chosen path, you might consider one of these best jobs for working with people…

Childcare Professional

A diploma in Childcare provides the best foundation for a whole range of careers. Working with young people is extremely rewarding. An important factor when choosing a career is the possible progression routes. Childcare/education/mentoring has plentiful opportunities for a future career path. If you love children then this is, obviously, a great choice and can lead to a fulfilling career for life.

Job options for someone with a diploma in Childcare are numerous, and include:

  • Learning Mentor
  • Primary or Secondary School Teacher
  • Special Needs Teacher
  • Social or Youth Worker
  • Nanny
  • Early Years Teacher


Great problem-solving ability might lead to a career in Counselling. If you’re the sort of person who builds trust, solves problems and make others feel relaxed, then perhaps becoming a counsellor is for you. You’ll be the sort of person who is happy with working with people from all backgrounds, and all walks of life, and you’ll be entirely non-judgmental. Some Counselling roles you could consider are:

  • Mental Health Adviser
  • Disability Adviser
  • Art Therapist
  • Summer Camp Counsellor or School Counsellor

Health and Social Care

If you find it easy to interact with different personality types, have a pleasant disposition and is resilient then a career in Health and Social Care could be ideal for an accepting personality. If you’re surer about your future then take a diploma in the more specific courses such as bereavement counselling or dementia care. However, there are many options available to anyone who takes a degree or a diploma in Health and Social Care. These might include:

  • Health Service Manager
  • Occupational Health Worker
  • Probation Officer
  • Personal Adviser
  • Social Worker


Coaching is a credible and highly rewarding career. Perhaps you’re planning on a managerial role in a career with coaching or mentoring as part of the day-to-day role. On the other hand, a Coaching diploma might lead to a life as a freelance mentor – working with various companies. If you relish responsibility and enjoy the satisfaction of helping someone to develop, and fulfil their potential then coaching might for you.

Other roles in coaching are:

  • Life coach
  • Trainer
  • Mentor


To become a psychologist isn’t easy, there’s a lot of study involved. Expect to study a degree, masters and doctorate to become a Psychologist. Our HND in Psychology studies will start you on this path. The career itself is very interesting, being a scientific discipline it means you’ll be analytical, a fact finder, empathetic, patient and an excellent listener. Careers in Psychology include:

  • Occupational psychologist
  • Child psychologist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Forensic psychologist


Being a manager often means you have to manage a team of people. Good people skills are imperative to getting best from your team. A fair, open, level/headed approach to managing people gets you a long way to having a happy productive team. Some management roles that are particularly human based are:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Sales Manager


Perhaps you consider Law to be more conceptual than people skill-related? In reality, you will need to possess thought processing and excellent social and communication skills; negotiation prowess and expertise are both required, too. It’s ultimately all about handling people professionally. Family law requires relaying confidence and competence in equal measure.

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