July 2014 Charity – Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Our featured charity this month is Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

A UK Registered Charity, Animal SOS was founded by Kim Cooling who visited the Sri Lanka and was shocked by the plight of stray animals.

Nanda and sanctuary dogs

The charity has a no-kill policy and cares for abandoned animals on its4 acre animal sanctuary in the south of the island. Presently, Animal SOS is caring for over 700 destitute cats and dogs, many of which had to be nursed back to health from serious diseases and horrific injuries. open 365 days a year, the site also has a veterinary clinic with a resident vet as well as other local staff to help care for the sanctuary animals.

The charity carries out a wide range of work everyday, ranging from veterinary care, rehabilitation (including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in the Indian Ocean), feeding programs and adoption schemes. On top of these vital services, they also operate a weekly outreach programs to the local villages. As part of the programme, they conduct health checks, sterilise, vaccinate against rabies, provide worming and other antiparasitic treatments, and treat wounds.

Education plays a major par of the outreach programme, with the handing out of animal welfare educational materials. Animal SOS, also give out collars and leads to prevent painful neck injuries caused by tethering with ropes and wire. This approach helps to benefit both humans and animals, creating a better and healthier environment for all.

The charity also provides provide local employment opportunities and reduce the risk of rabies and animal suffering by its weekly vaccination and sterilization programs. Every cat and dog sterilised helps to prevent unwanted litters born to a miserable existence and premature death.

The charity in the UK is run by a very small team of dedicated unpaid volunteers so more funds go directly towards helping desperate animals. Currently, around 800 animals a day need to be fed, cared for and played with. As you can imagine, caring for this number of animals isn’t cheap

But you can help! Like the Oxford Learning College Facebook page and we’ll donate 50p to Animal SOS

2 likes will worm a cat or dog

4 likes will blood test a dog for life threatening blood parasite diseases

8 likes will protect a dog from ticks and fleas for 1 month

14 likes will fully vaccinate a puppy against killer viruses

20 likes will treat a dog for mange

30 likes will sterilize 1 dog or cat

40 likes will treat a dog for tick fever

100 likes will fund lifesaving veterinary care for an injured cat or dog

300 likes will fund a cat at the sanctuary for 1 year

400 likes will fund a dog at the sanctuary for 1 year

700 likes will fund 1 outreach program- helping to treat, vaccinate, health check, and sterilize cats and dogs