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You Know You’re Studying for Your A Levels this Summer, When…

Girl Studying for A Levels

1. You can’t think about anything else

That distracted person who’s constantly staring into nowhere. That’s you. All the time. Watching a film? Your attention inevitably starts to drift to whether you’ve done enough revision for Maths. Having dinner with your family? Sure enough you’ll be thinking about Chemistry and how much of the work you did on reactions of acids and bases has sunk in.

2. You haven’t had breakfast without a book for months

It’s become a ritual. Cornflakes on the right, textbook to the left. Cup of tea in the middle. Once upon a time breakfast was the best meal of the day. No longer. It’s now just a study-studded fuel stop.

3. Your room is a Post-it patchwork

Practically every available inch of desk, wall, cupboard and bedside table is covered in Post-it notes. Remember to do this here, top-line study points there, ‘relax and breathe’ reminder stuck somewhere else.

Except it’s all got a bit like Guy Pearce’s tattooed torso in the film Memento or Jim Carrey’s numerical obsession in The Number 23. You’re fairly sure there’s a coherent overall message in there somewhere, but you’re really not sure what it is anymore…

4. Your phone stopped being a communication device (a long time ago)

Gone are the days when your phone was just for chatting to your mates and sorting out where you’re going to meet up later. Now it’s a fully locked and loaded revision tool, packed with notes, apps and study aids.

5. You wake up in a cold sweat thinking about your exams

That dream where you’re in an exam room and you’ve forgotten to put your clothes on? Yep. We’ve all been there. Other standard anxiety dreams you’ll probably have had include the old ‘late for the exam’ and the ‘open the paper and suddenly realise you’ve revised the wrong materials’ classic.

6. You might just scream if one more of your friends mentions summer music festivals

You know the ones: they’re not studying, and they never shut up about all the festivals they’re going to. They’re also constantly trying to persuade you to come out for a night out. Don’t they know you can’t? Because, y’know… A Levels!

7. You’re constantly thinking about ‘when it’s all over’

You’ve actually kind of got used to no fun. But all the same you often find yourself staring out of the window, day-dreaming and looking forward to what life’s going to be like this summer once you finish that last exam. Gap years. Nights out. Doing nothing. Bliss.

8. You also think about failing. A lot.

When you’re not a) studying or b) thinking about finishing your A Levels, you’re probably thinking about failing your A Levels or not having enough UCAS points and the life of poverty, misery and endless day-time television that, you’re told, will almost certainly ensue.

But seriously, don’t worry. It’s going to be fine. Good luck!