Top Five Last-minute Exam Revision Tips

Revision notes on table

So, hands up there at the back of the class. Yes, YOU. Are you ready for your exams? Isn’t it a bit late to make a plan? No, actually, far from it.

Most of us are indeed likely to procrastinate, and the likelihood that you’re in a bit of a panic is probably high. But, wait just a second, stop assuming your friends are composed and in control, and don’t stress. It’s never too late to stay ahead of the game and here’s how. Let’s breeze through these top 5 last-minute exam revision tips… you’ll be glad you did.

Be flexible

You may feel like giving up if you have messed up a little on your diligently planned revision timetable. But all is not lost. Be a little bit flexible with your time, if you’ve missed a deadline then just make time for it. Fitting your life around your revision is just for a short time, not forever. Missing out on that concert or nightclub is nothing compared to the benefits you will reap later on.

Past papers

Get your hands on some past papers and study them too. Mastering a ‘feel’ for questions that you are likely to cover, or how they are posed is invaluable. Practise doing a few, use the stopwatch on your mobile, see how long it takes you to cover a subject in-depth.

Get organised

Revision is not just about your chosen subjects – it also helps to revise a plan of action before exams. It’s never too late for a little planning and organisation, and it goes a long, long way.

Sort out everything that’ll you will need on the big day. Stock up and clean any equipment that’ll you’ll need or are allowed to bring in, and plan your route in advance. Better to arrive early than leaving it to the last-minute, so check bus and train timetables and aim to be on time and ready to give it your best shot.

Use your friends

Invite your friends and colleagues over for a discussion night. It’s not only a way to take a break from revising, but you’ll be using that time off constructively too. Ask how far they have got with their revision, discuss anything that you’re finding particularly difficult. Consolidate your revision and your thoughts. You may find it’s a mutually beneficial way to spend a few hours – and all of you will leave with more answers than you came with. It’s also a good way to deal with stress.

Avoid stress

And speaking of the ‘s’ word… Allowing yourself to indulge in stress will only hamper your revision efforts. There is an end to all of this – and you’re not the only one worrying about whether you’re going to pass (or, gulp, fail). But curb any anxious thoughts. Take plenty of short breaks between revision sessions. Eat healthily and drink lots of water. Get out into the fresh air – a quick game of football or a walk in the park will feed some oxygen into your cooped up and overloaded brain. Practice taking deep breaths – and chill.

And on the day? Avoid last-minute cramming – eat a good breakfast, including slow-release carbs like brown toast. Be confident and don’t rush your answers. Good luck!

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