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Learn About our BTEC HND in Animal Studies

BTEC HND in Animal Studies

With well over a million known species of animals on Earth, and probably many more as yet undiscovered, animal science is a fascinating subject to study. From tiny insects to elephants, the diversity of the planet’s animals is amazing, and our BTEC HND in Animal Studies offers the opportunity to learn more about them. The subject offers an insight into the evolution of different life forms and the ways that animals have adapted to live in every kind of environment the Earth contains. Discover how some species have managed to survive in the most extreme and harsh conditions known. Learn about the relationships between species, and how we can study anatomy and physiology, as well as fossils, to discover how they are related to species that are now extinct.

What does the course involve?

The subject covers the biology and genetics of a range of species that are commonly kept for companionship or leisure, such as horses, dogs and cats. You will learn about mammals and how their health and behaviour can be affected by the genes they inherit. Environmental factors such as nutrition and disease, and the principles of psychology and learning are also covered.

Animal science is a subject that is constantly developing, with new information being discovered all the time. Researchers in this field are involved in making discoveries that will improve the lives and health of pets and farm animals throughout the world. Humans have known the benefits of associating with animals for thousands of years, and they will continue to hold a special place as our companions for a long time to come. Therefore studying this fascinating subject from home opens doors to a range of careers in caring for animals and ensuring their welfare.

Studying Animal Studies by Distance Learning

Distance learning can be both a challenging but effective way to study. The nature of distance learning means that the student needs to direct their own learning and take responsibility for their own workload. The benefits are great though; open learning means that you can learn without leaving home, and can balance your studies around your existing commitments. Another benefit of online study is that you can engage in discussion about animals with students around the whole world, using the internet. The technology literally opens up the world, so you need not be alone when you study, unless you want to be. You will also develop valuable research skills, and will become an effective and independent learner. Because new research is always being carried out in the field of animal science, you will come across information during your research that may no longer be valid or accurate, and you will learn how to develop a critical and analytical mind.

The BTEC HND is also respected and nationally recognised, so by studying towards this qualification you can achieve your goals of furthering a career or your education, while at the same time being involved in a fascinating branch of science.