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Learn About our BTEC HND in Childcare Studies

The study of Childcare is essential for those considering a career in which you are going to come into contact with children. The BTEC HND in Childcare Studies course mainly focuses on childhood, the early years and adolescence. It is useful for those students who may have a general interest in children (perhaps you have children of your own and would like more insight into their development), and is also suitable for those who wish to further their studies in this area by considering a career in Paediatric Nursing, Teaching, Midwifery, Youth Work, Social Work, or indeed any career that involves supporting children and families.

This Higher National Diploma course is also useful for those people who are wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of children in their current professional capacity and may be useful if you are a teacher or indeed a support worker for children in care. It offers in-depth insight into the world of the child through studying the physical, biological, social and psychological aspects of development. The course also examines different types of family, anatomy and physiology and provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of all aspects of child development.

If you are already working with children and feel that you would like to know more about their development or are considering changing careers to one that involves working with children, then the study of Child Development is essential. The BTEC HND in Childcare Studies provides you with theoretical understanding of the subject and also introduces some of the practical dilemmas such as the impact of family stress upon development and the influence that factors such as poverty can have upon the developing child. Upon successful completion of the course you will have gained 240 UCAS points and this will demonstrate to employers that you are serious about furthering your career in an increasingly restricted job market.

Distance Learning courses offer students the opportunity to earn while they learn as students are given the opportunity to complete their on-line study courses at home in their own time.