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Learn about our BTEC HND in Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a fascinating subject, and one that over recent years has become a hot topic, frequently in the news. Studying for the BTEC HND in Environmental Science from home is a great way to get involved in this interesting subject, and to learn more about the world in which we live.

Environmental Science is not actually a single subject. It is a multi-disciplinary science, covering  a wide range of subjects. It includes aspects of geography, geology, biology, chemistry and physics, and also involves in-depth study of environmental and conservation issues.  The subject also gets you thinking about human activities and how the future of the human race and all other forms of life depends on the environment in which we live. The subject is mind-expanding, and by studying it you will develop an enquiring mind, as you discover the extent of the problems facing the Earth both now and in the future, and attempt to answer the questions that as yet are unanswered.  This developing science is never dull, as new discoveries are being made all the time, and the people who study it and work within this exciting field strive to make a better future for us all, and the generations yet to come.

Planet Earth contains a diverse and rich set of environments, and the course introduces you to them all. You will look at the oceans, the challenging extremes of deserts and the polar regions, discover how land masses formed, and learn about where our energy and resources come from, and how these need to be managed effectively. You will be introduced to many of the life forms on Earth, and how they have evolved to survive in their particular habitats.

Distance learning can be both a challenging but effective way to study. The nature of distance learning means that the student needs to direct their own learning and take responsibility for their own workload. The benefits are great though;  open learning means that you can learn without leaving home, and can balance your studies around your existing commitments. Another benefit of online study is that you can engage in lively debate about environmental issues with students around the whole world, using the internet. The technology literally opens up the world, so you need not be alone when you study, unless you want to be. You will also develop valuable research skills, and will become an effective and independent learner. Because the subject of the environment is at times emotive and controversial, you will come across information during your research that may not be valid or accurate, and you will learn how to develop a critical and analytical mind.

The BTEC HND is also respected and nationally recognised, so by studying towards this qualification you can achieve your goals of furthering a career or your education, while at the same time being involved in an exciting branch of science.