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Learn about our BTEC HND Psychology Course

Psychology is a popular option for students of Oxford College because of the continued growth and development of the subject area. This is because psychology as an academic discipline tries to provide answers to questions that interest us as people because it is the only discipline that is totally focused on how people behave and think in the way they do. To learn about our BTEC HND Psychology course, read on.

Career Opportunities

Studying psychology can lead to many different career opportunities as knowledge of human behaviour is useful in many areas that employ people. You don’t have to be considering an academic career to study psychology but may be just interested in undertaking a course simply because you want something interesting and stimulating to challenge you. What  better than a course that helps you understand patterns of behaviour and predict how people are likely to act in situations they encounter in everyday life?

If you are considering a career in psychology, changing careers or even facing redundancy then the study of psychology gives you a good grounding as it prepares you for a range of careers. Psychologists work in many fields and with many different types of individuals and organisations all of whom are keen to understand more about human behaviour, experience and thinking. They understand the benefits of this useful subject as psychologists are used in many areas of modern life such as advertising, attracting new business, motivating employers in the workplace, advising on how to reduce stress in the workforce, or how to make people feel more positive about themselves generally.

BTEC HND in Psychology

The BTEC HND course offered by Oxford College provides a good overview of the subject area and it also introduces you to the different sub divisions and specialisms within the discipline. Psychology is a scientific discipline and this requires you to study methodology so that you are able to develop your critical thinking skills further. Just as human behaviour and experience changes all the time so psychology has to adapt to this and we do this through the application of scientific thinking through the study of methodology.

Studying with Oxford College

Oxford College offers a BTEC Higher National Diploma in psychology via on line, distance learning that you can do in your own time from home through a programme of self study.  psychology is a popular subject area and there is a competitive element involved in trying to get onto a course at university but Oxford College offers students open access to psychology degree courses enhancing their potential for further study in this competitive area. The BTEC HND is a recognised and fully accredited course that will allow students to complete a full honours degree at university.