Life After A Levels

Have you just finished school and have your A Levels under your belt but not quite sure what to do with them next? Life after A levels can be a bit daunting, but we can help!

I remember when I was at school and my Mum had convinced me to stay on at least until I was 18 to ensure I had options. I was desperate to leave school and travel, so I did. A levels in tow.

When I came back from a 2 year stint of deferring university and gaining an education of my own as a backpacker, I decided the travel industry was a smart move for me. I could not afford to go to university and none of the universities or courses sounded appealing to me at all.

However, I wish I had known how accessible and affordable distance learning was back then. I went into full time employment but would have loved to have continued my studies by distance learning and had a worthy qualification at the end of it. I later studied for a degree and now I top up my education with occasional distance learning Diploma courses alongside my job.

If you’re in the position where you now have your A Levels but are faced with some important life decisions, then why not take a little time out from the pressures of classic education and consider distance learning.

With an A Level pass you can start a distance learning BTEC HND in your chosen subject. It is a 2 year course that is equivalent to the first 2 years at University – and for a fraction of the cost! You can then top up at university with a third year to gain a full honours degree. Full tutor support is given by qualified and experienced tutors. Both the courses and the tutors are fully approved by Edexcel.