As a Life Coach myself and working in the education provider industry, it is clear to see how popular becoming or studying to become a Life Coach is these days.

So why become a Life Coach?

If you are looking to expand your life’s calling and genuinely want to serve others in a positive way, this is most certainly a path you will want to consider.

Life coaching is a rewarding profession with numerous benefits, for yourself as well as those you will be coaching.

Entrepreneurship is a goal that many working professionals wish to achieve. When you become a life coach you have the opportunity to become your own boss.
You take your potential for success into your own hands.
Many life coaches use this empowerment to find success in their practice as well as freedom in setting your own schedule. Successful Coaches have the willpower to stick to their schedules.
This also gives life coaches freedom to run their business how they choose and when they choose.

Life coaching and mentoring are booming fields. These are popular professions worldwide and show no signs of decreasing, being more popular now than it ever has before.

This is due to the power within the industry that has the potential to change people’s lives for the better.

This power is held by the life coaches themselves.
It will take a dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate person to delve into the life of another and guide them through their struggles to help them find success and happiness.

More and more people are hiring Life Coaches, and with that are learning how to be happier, to be more confident, change careers and finding their inner power to reach successes they had only thought possible, all with very positive results.
More and more people are hiring Life Coaches to help them navigate the various obstacles in their lives, which now include a global pandemic.

Being a Life Coach will be the most rewarding work you will do, this is a rewarding profession.
If you want to feel proud of the work you do and feel good about what you do for a living, then this is the perfect career for you.

One of the best things we can do, is help others and being a Life Coach means just that.
As a Life Coach you will be able to help them become the best version of themselves, bringing them out of their internal struggles and insecurities which makes a relationship between a Life Coach and their client is a very special one.

Although we, as Life Coaches, have a duty to propel them forward in all areas of their lives, sometimes the road is not as smooth sailing as we would hope for. This means we work to inspire our clients to travel this path while we watch as they transform their life.
This is turn, inspires us to continue our work.

You will see clients thrive and succeed, while making positive changes to accomplish amazing things. You will be their greatest cheerleader, while holding them accountable by designing a plan of action tailored to them to offer them clarity and assist them to develop healthy habits to manage stress, set motivating and achievable goals.
A Life Coach must believe in and encourage their clients to overcome all that has been preventing them from reaching their full potential.

As you begin to work with clients and ask them to dive into the recess of their desires and wants, you begin to accompany them on their amazing journey of realizing their victories and transforming challenges, helping them to author their stories and own their adventures, holding a space for them to identify their challenges and to cheer them on as they reach their goals.
And in turn, discover your own journey on the way, becoming an expert in your own life, able to share your personal experiences with others, using the very tools you teach to impact your own life, goals and dreams.

By becoming a Life Coach, you tap into a newfound sense of listening. You will be expected to listen to your clients in very profound ways and therefore you will begin to ‘listen to’ your client’s body language and movements, enhancing the way you use these tools to devise what they are meaning to say without them having to verbalise their thoughts.

When you become a Life Coach, not only do you gain the skills needed to help improve your clients’ lives, but you are also able to apply these in areas of your own life when you may need it.
Being a Life Coach does not in any way mean your life will be perfect, and that you will not have challenges to face, but it does mean that you will have the tools you need to face them, head on, and resolve them.

Now, while many people can become a Life Coach solely based on their life experience, (the industry is not entirely regulated) the best advice I could give you is to take that course.
Do the work.
There are many people now becoming Coaches with proper certificates to show.
Certifications that will give you the knowledge and the skills to become a trustworthy and professional Life Coach.
To prove you are aware of the training it takes to recognise what your clients require of you. It will show you have worked hard to become the best Life Coach you can be.

One course I would recommend is the Level 3 Diploma in Life Coaching at Oxford Learning College.
A course endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme, it is accepted by the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) and will allow you to join as a professional member after completing the course.
The course offers you modules which explore the tole of the Coach in a wide range of situations, encouraging you to start building the blocks of thinking about the numerous reasons why people will seek out a Life Coach.
It delves into teaching you how to build key client relationships and provides you with a stand alone course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which brings together the three areas of the mind, our use of language and our behaviour in achieving our goals.
Along with various modules in Life Coaching, the final part of this Diploma is a ‘Plan for Business’ moving you through a business plan and how to market important skills professional, finance and the conflicting elements you may encounter when aiming to start your own private practice.

Having this certificate ‘under your belt’ so to speak, gives you the clout needed to show you understand all it takes to be the best Life Coach you are capable of, propelling you in the world of Coaching and all it has to offer.

Empowerment & Transformational Life Coach (Accredited Lv 5)
Student Services Advisor at Oxford Learning College.