Long Distance Education Programme

It is easy to see a barrier or obstacle in front of you as a sign you shouldn’t be doing something. However, to truly unlock your potential you will need to get past those challenges and navigate your way to the other side. Whether you live a long way from the UK, or you are moving away in the future, you may have considered your education. Our long-distance education programmes online are a great way to combine simplicity with productivity – giving you the best chance of improving your career prospects.

At Oxford Learning College we aim to become a leading host of online courses for those abroad, moving to another country or those that travel often. The freedom that our long-distance education programmes can offer you will provide a number of benefits and allow you to take advantage of your education wherever you are based.

How to choose the right long-distance education programme?

Our array of courses features every level of education from GCSE right through to foundation degree courses. Whether you are looking to boost your chances of getting into university or you want to learn something new independently, our services are ideal for any scenario.

To discover how our education programmes work and how you can make the most of them, get in contact with our team today.