Long Distance Learning Programme

In any group of friends there will be a variety of differences. From the way you like your hair to the TV shows you enjoy watching, from the time you go to bed to the best way you learn. For the latter it can be difficult to find the ideal place where you enjoy studying and working productively each day. If you are looking for the missing piece in your learning puzzle, it could be with us at Oxford Learning College.

We have become a leading provider of long-distance learning programmes that are perfectly suited to helping people who love to work independently, those that want to supplement study with work and those moving to the UK in the future.

What kind of long-distance programmes will I find at Oxford Learning College?

To ensure that our establishment continues to break down barriers and make it easier than ever for individuals to enrol on our courses, we offer many different learning programmes. From the bottom with our iGCSE courses through to foundation degree courses, we are on hand to guide you to the next step in your career and learning.

Our long-distance programmes can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection and there will always be someone available to answer your questions via email.

To discover more about our work and why we are trusted across the world, speak with us today.