Making the Most of Summer After A Levels

Making the Most of Summer After A Levels – Madhumita Pandey

The days are longer and the weather is nicer, which makes summer the perfect time be proactive and get things done. A study from researchers at the University of Leige, Belgium found that our brains are
actually sharper in the summer. With that in mind, let us look at a few ways in which you can
make the most of your summer in planning ahead –

Make a list

One of the most basic and useful ways to organise ideas is to sort them into categories
or lists. Whether it is a list of coursework, reading, colleges or re-sits, make sure you put down your
‘things to do’ somewhere regularly accessible. One of the best ways to do this is to use the notes or
reminder app on your smartphones. A good old post it note on the wall or scribbling in your diary
will also do.

Check Out Academic Programmes Online

Once you’ve been successful making your lists, it’s time to check out colleges and the programmes offered. With the academic session beginning in September, if you are set on starting this autumn then better to start doing some research on what different colleges/universities have to offer.

Almost all university websites have details of the programmes they offer including the module list. You can always find out exactly what you’ll be styling every semester and how many credits is it worth. You can further
check out the faculty as well, exploring the profiles of different members of staff who will be teaching you on the programme.


Open days are a step further from just doing online research. Summer is the best time to check out universities and colleges personally. Most of the time Open-Days are organized by universities around summer time and enrolling on them is always a great idea. You’ll be able to interact with the staff and students directly, you can check out the facilities and also get a sense of how you feel about the place all in all.

Here are a few Open Day dates for you in 2017:
University of Lancaster – 14 – 15 July
University of Essex – 17 June
City University – 23 June
Anglia Ruskin University – 7 and 10 June
For more check out-

Hope you will have a productive summer!