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March Charity – Dogstar Foundation

Dogstar Foundation is a registered charity transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka. Since 2006 Dogstar has worked closely with Sri Lankan communities and vets to provide sterilisations, vaccinations, veterinary treatment, education leading to attitude change, and the development of veterinary practice. A dog charity with a difference, they are committed to understanding Sri Lankan communities and helping them to find sustainable solutions to animal welfare issues, making them part of the solution.

Robyn rescue dog - March Charity Dogstar Foundation

Puppies are often abandoned at the roadside adding to the problem further and perpetuating the cycle of suffering.  As the female puppies grow, they in turn become pregnant giving birth to more and more litters. The only long term, humane and sustainable way to reduce over population-associated animal suffering is to sterilise both stray and owned dogs.

The Dogstar Foundation has a clear vision – to transform animal welfare in Sri Lanka. They envisage a Sri Lanka free from animal suffering, animal welfare laws in Sri Lanka are over 100 years old. The end of its 3-decade civil war in 2009 and the devastation of the 2004 tsunami are the background to the animal welfare issues we are tackling that also have a significant impact on human health and wellbeing.

It costs Dogstar just £12 to sterilise a dog, just 24 page likes for Oxford Learning will cover the cost to sterilise one dog. This means each like makes a real difference in reducing the suffering of the overcrowded dogs.

To support Dogstar, all you have to do is like our facebook page. Each like donates 50p to dogstar.