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November 2014 Charity – Free The Bears UK

Free the Bears UK is a registered charity working across Asia to bring an end to the exploitation of bears. Their programmes are designed to ensure solutions that benefit both local communities and threatened wildlife.


Asia is home to three-quarters of the world’s bear species. Unfortunately, all are threatened with extinction due to the demand for their body parts by a rapidly-growing human population.

In Vietnam and Laos, thousands of Moon bears are caged in bile farms and are tortured to provide bile for traditional medicine markets. Across the border in Cambodia, wild Sun bears are hunted and snared, their paws served in restaurants and their cubs sold to unscrupulous wildlife traders. In India, following the charity’s successful campaign to end the cruel practice of ‘dancing bears’, hundreds of rescued Sloth bears rely on your support to enjoy the remainder of their lives in safe sanctuaries. Free the Bears UK try to ensure that no further bear cubs are snatched from the wild and forced to perform on streets for the amusement of tourists.

Thanks to the charities supporters, over 800 bears have already been rescued and more than 500 families have received support in establishing alternative livelihoods. Their pioneering field research and acclaimed environmental education programmes ensure that bears are protected in the wild, where they belong.

Free the Bears Fund guarantees that 100% of all donations are sent directly to their programs supporting Asia’s embattled bears. For further information on how you can support their work please visit or email them on