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November Charity Project – UK German Shepherd Rescue

This months charity is UK German Shepherd Rescue.


In their own words UK German Shepherd Rescue is an organization dedicated to the rescue, short term fostering and long term re-homing of German shepherd dogs. Unwanted GSD’s are found new homes through its placement scheme which carefully matches up rescued GSD’s with their potential new owners. Owners, new and old, are provided with any support and guidance they may need.

The rescue is run by a dedicated group of volunteers with a love of German Shepherds, giving their time and devotion to the welfare of this wonderful breed. We do not have our own kennels (yet) so any urgent dogs that come into our care are either fostered or have to be put into commercial boarding kennels until a new home is found. The dogs that are not urgent are left in their current homes until a new suitable home is found. We cover the whole of the UK.

Dogs come to us for various reasons, not only are there the kind of cruelty cases we all hear about in the media, but there are also less obvious causes such as relationship breakdowns, changing work commitments, having to move to accommodation unsuitable for dogs, the owner passing away or family members developing an allergy to dogs.

Sadly we often find dogs are no longer wanted simply because they are old and infirm. It is a pity that so few of the many people who want puppies never consider such “golden oldies”, but whatever the reason that leads to a dog coming to us, we try to establish a successful outcome for both the dog and the new owners. All dogs are assessed by an experienced volunteer before placing with a new owner and all prospective new owners are home checked for suitability to provide a forever home for one of our beautiful dogs

Our hope is that through the use of our website we will be able to further raise awareness of the plight of unwanted GSD’s, reaching a wider audience than we have previously been able to and explain a little of what we do and how we work. UK German Shepherd Rescue has become increasingly more successful, re-homing hundreds of dogs per year with very limited resources.

The Oxford Learning charity sponsorship project offers UK-GSR the opportunity to raise funds at a busy time of year when many dogs and puppies are abandoned before and after the Xmas holidays. Should we reach our target of £1500 the money would be used to support the dogs in our care through foster homes or boarding kennels.

Boarding kennels provide an instant safe and secure place for our rescue dogs, these dogs can come from abused homes, abandonment, dogs with threats of euthanasia or pound dogs on their last days to the much loved family pets due to repossession or bereavement or simply due to the lack of foster placements.

Once a dog is secured in kennels they undergo their rescue assessment which is ongoing during their stay, once we have some knowledge about the dog they are placed for adoption on our website and social media groups. During their stay we are constantly and actively seeking foster homes to help free up much needed kennel space for the next urgent German Shepherd needing a safe and secure bed.

While in our kennels they are groomed, health checked and spayed or neutered if required, all our kennel dogs will be tagged & micro-chipped before leaving for their new homes. The cost of providing a dog with basic equipment, which they take onto their forever homes and for providing basic medical needs in a commercial boarding Kennels for one week is: £121.50.

The £1500 target donation would enable us to take 12 dogs into emergency kennel care
Funds are also occasionally required to spay and neuter dogs and to pay for costly medical treatment and operations. Some of our dogs require long term medical care, especially in cases of abuse and neglect.

Any funding is always gratefully received by the volunteers and dogs at UK-GSR.

You can find our more about GSR on their website, Facebook page and Facebook group.



Update 15/11/13:

GSR are looking for a safe, loving home for a 2 year old dog named Blaze.  Blaze is neutered, chipped and very laid back, especially with children.

As a former outside dog, Blaze struggles with being left indoors. While housetrained and not a chewer, he doesn’t like being left alone. He is working on this with his foster home, and needs a patient owner to help him finish his training. Blaze walks well with a head collar.

If you’re a patient and experienced dog owner, who wants to give this lovely dog a second chance, please contact GSR for more



We think they are a great charity and do amazing work. To support them, all you have to do is go to our facebook page and like it.