Online Courses for Business Management

Online courses for business management

Taking part in an online course for business management is a great way to take the next step up in your career in business. Whether you are looking to refine your current management skill set, or want to learn something new to add to your CV, with distance learning business management courses, you can balance your course of study with your work and lifestyle commitments.

You’ll learn how to understand and apply business concepts to real-life situations, and examine business terminology and tools in more detail – all while exploring how to manage people, manage information, manage finances and organise cash flow. You’ll also learn more about yourself and your management style, and how to communicate professionally and appropriately in many different business scenarios.

Here’s a guide to Oxford Learning College’s online courses for business management, and details of jobs you can obtain with a business management qualification.

What qualifications do you need to be a business manager?

Many business managers hold a bachelor’s degree in management positions. This degree subject can vary from finance, marking, accountancy, or a broader degree focusing on business administration and/or another subject. A business manager will have typically previously studied business management at A-Level and/or diploma level.

If you’re an aspiring business manager, but only have GCSE qualifications, our online courses for business management may be the answer you need to kickstart your career. With our Accredited Level 3 Business Administration Diploma for example, you have a gateway to higher education and studying business at a higher level, with a diploma from a leading awarding body (CIE Global).

Suppose you’re embarking on a complete career change. In that case, the Edexcel Fast Track A-Level Business is a great place to start, as the course teaches students skills in business analysis, decision making and critical thinking. Many people start with business management A-Level programmes, or diploma courses in business management, to get the core foundation and skills they need for learning at university level.

Work experience in business management

In addition to qualifications, many business managers will have had some prior work experience in business, such as a role in accountancy, sales, financial management or financial analysis. They will also have experience in people management.

The exact amount of business qualifications and work experience required will vary depending on the kind of job you are applying for. Some very senior business management roles for example will expect a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.

Can I learn business and management from home?

We have a variety of distance learning business management courses that you can take remotely from home. This gives you the flexibility to access your course whenever you want to, and wherever you are, so you don’t have to attend a fixed location to learn.

For example, some people need to balance their learning with work, and like to study their course in the evenings, while others may like to study while in a public place like a cafe, or on holiday when they have more time. All you need is a good internet connection. Studying for courses like a diploma in business management online also enables you to study at your own pace, so you can learn when it suits you.

Flexible distance learning

This is particularly helpful if you have childcare or other commitments. Our tutors are there to support you should you have any questions on your learning programme. One of the most challenging parts of remote learning is having the will and self-discipline to attend the course regularly. But if you can overcome this, you will have the tools at your disposal to succeed in business management through Oxford Learning College.

Below are some of the different course types we offer in business management.

Diploma in business management online

Having a formal qualification in business is a great way to excel in your career and improve your CV. Our diploma courses in business management are endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme, and cover a wide range of subjects within the field of business. Students studying on our diploma courses in business management will experience an academic and theoretical approach to business studies.

Our courses explore the core theories of business studies, and how to apply them in life situations within management. Many diplomas are aimed at students who already possess qualifications in business administration, accountancy, finance and so on, and arm students with the necessary tools used in business to promote growth and strong leadership. Courses from Oxford Learning College that may be of interest include:

Business management A-Level course

We offer a business management A level course, and you do not need a business studies GCSE to get started. You’ll get full support from our tutors throughout your course, which covers four main topics and three core examinations.

The course aims to build students’ knowledge of key business topics, teach how business works in more detail, and focus on more complex business scenarios. You’ll learn how business opportunities and strategies are developed, how business outcomes can be predicted and estimated, and how assumptions can be challenged.

Why do a business course online?

Regardless of your educational background, a business management course is a great step for anyone in their career. Distance learning business management courses are not just for those wanting to study business or start their own business. The skills and experience learned can be applied to many different job and management scenarios across various sectors.

If you are unsure of the career path you’d like to take, a business management A-Level or diploma will get your CV standing out from the crowd in job applications, and you’ll also gain an understanding of the everyday running of a business.

From business performance and finance, to managing people and driving success – a business management course will always help you approach business situations through a wide view lens, so you can see situations from different perspectives and use analytical and problem solving skills to make the best decisions.

Start your own business

Business courses are also great for inspired entrepreneurs who are thinking of taking the leap and starting their own business in the future. If you’re wondering what job you can get with a business management diploma, it doesn’t just stop at working within an organisation as a business manager.

By learning more about the sales funnel, managing people, stock organisation, acquiring finance and funding, and so on, you can harness your business skills and start up a successful business of your own, becoming self-employed.

Topics within business and management

The exact topics you study on an online course for business management will vary depending on the qualification, but generally speaking, the following topics are covered in our courses at Oxford Learning College:

  • Accountancy
  • Project management
  • Leadership and people management
  • Business strategy
  • Business marketing

Other topics covered in diploma courses in business management include business sustainability, measuring success, social and legal responsibilities and diversity/inclusivity training.

How long is an online business course?

Taking an online business course is a commitment, and you do need to consider whether or not you can commit the time to it, and have the self-motivation in order to achieve results. A-Level programmes and BTEC qualifications usually last for two years, while Level 3 Diplomas are usually completed in 1 year.

For A-Level qualifications, these can be started at any time, but you will need to consider the fixed examination times, which are May and June. As our distance learning business management courses are offered remotely, students can have the flexibility to complete their studies sooner if they wish to.

For Level 3 Diplomas for instance, these can be completed in a year, based on your time schedule and other commitments. Generally, the more time you can allocate to your studies, the sooner you can complete your qualification.

What careers can I start with a business qualification?

A business management qualification can give you great preparation for a career in the business sector, and arm you with transferable skills that can be applied across a range of industries and multiple corporate environments.

Once you have completed a diploma in business management online, you stand out to employers and have a wide range of career opportunities. A business management qualification can open up job opportunities in the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

Some of the jobs you can do with a business qualification include:

  • Risk manager
  • Project manager
  • Data analyst
  • Stockbroker
  • Business consultant
  • Investment banker
  • Business advisor
  • Sales executive
  • Branding executive
  • HR officer
  • Supply chain manager

You may want to specialise and go down one of these routes in more detail once you have obtained your business management qualifications, depending on what interests you for the future.

Feel free to check out the full list of courses offered at Oxford Learning College to start your business management journey.