Online Language Courses

Oxford College are pleased to announce the arrival of online language courses. You can now study English Courses and Spanish Courses online. We have partnered with a world-renowned language course provider to bring you the best in quality online language study. The courses are designed as EFL courses (English as a Foreign Language) rather than for English native speakers.

For full details on all our online language courses and for secure online booking, please click through one of the following links to our dedicated website for comprehensive and highest quality Spanish and English courses online. Please see further details below which outline the various courses possible for Online English and Online Spanish.

Please also take a look at the new English Corner Online – a social network designed for learners of English.

English Online Language Courses

The courses follow seven levels and course types and include tutored and un-tutored courses where students have access to 100-130 hours of English study and can be assigned a personal language tutor. Here is the list of Course Types for Online English:

  • General English
  • English for Work
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • FCE Exam Practice
  • English Writing Practice
  • Activity Bank
  • Methodology for Teachers of English
  • English for Doctors
  • English for Teens
  • English Grammar Practice
  • English Pronunciation Practice
  • English Vocabulary Practice
  • English Listening Practice
  • English Writing Practice

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Spanish Online Language Courses

We offer tutored and un-tutored online Spanish courses too. The General Spanish course is tutored and covers five levels of Spanish where students can access 120-150 hours of Spanish study with the guidance of a personal language tutor. The un-tutored courses include:

  • Spanish Verb Conjugator
  • Spanish Vocabulary Practice
  • Spanish Listening Practice
  • Spanish Grammar Practice

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