Oxford College – NEWSLETTER – July 2023

On May 30th, Alice Hopkins from the BBC contacted Oxford Learning College for the opportunity to interview Marcelle Lawler, the Head of Centre at Oxford Learning College, to gain valuable revision tips for examinations. The conversation shed light on effective strategies to enhance exam preparation and performance.
Lawler emphasised the significance of creating a structured study plan, allocating specific time slots for different subjects and topics. This approach helps students stay organised and focused throughout their revision journey.

Furthermore, Lawler stressed the importance of active learning techniques, such as practicing past exam papers, engaging in group discussions, and teaching the material to others. These methods encourage deeper understanding and retention of the subject matter.
The interview also highlighted the significance of taking breaks and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Lawler advised students to incorporate regular physical activity, relaxation exercises, and sufficient sleep into their routine to optimise concentration and reduce stress.
Lastly, Lawler emphasised the importance of seeking support from teachers, mentors, or online resources whenever necessary.

Collaborating with peers and utilizing available educational tools can provide additional insights and strengthen understanding.
Overall, the interview with Marcelle Lawler provided valuable revision insights, emphasising the significance of organisation, active learning, self-care, and seeking assistance. These tips serve as valuable guidelines for students striving to excel in their examinations.
Listen to the full interview here which covers Oxford Learning College’s revision tips, how to be an LGBTQ+ ally, and live music from Tom Webber! Happy Pride Month! Enjoy!


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