Oxford Learning College Top 5 Tips for Thinking like a Genius

Thinking like a genius

Oxford Learning College Top 5 Tips for Thinking like a Genius

Now, thinking like a genius may not be top of your bucket list, but once you start to think like a genius, then what’s to stop you achieving everything you want? It’s all about opening doors and creating opportunities to help you progress further.

After much research (and Googling), we have compiled our top five ideas for thinking like a genius, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on doing the five things ready to take on the world.



Now OK, we admit that this one might come across as a bit of a cliché, but it really is true. If you have a clear and calm mind, you will look at things differently and will be more capable of addressing things that you might not have handled quite as well if you were stressed out or your mind cluttered.

So, find yourself a quiet space, get deep breathing and clear your mind of negative thoughts and energies.


Increase your Vocabulary

Every day, challenge yourself by seeking out a random word and then spend some time find out what it means, how to use it best. Then set yourself the challenge to try and use it in your day’s conversations. Not only will it wow and impress people, but it will also get your brain cells ticking and top up your grey matter.


Write with the Wrong Hand

Again, this one is all about topping up the grey matter, if you do the same thing day in day out, your brain gets lazy and your thought processes stay in the same old routine. So, by making yourself write with the wrong hand, you’re suddenly making the other side of your brain work that little bit harder. So, give it a go, get a notebook and write your shopping list with the wrong hand for a change.


Learn Origami

Now this tip is brilliant, as it combines two of our other tips above. Not only will learning Origami increase your grey matter and get you using parts of your brain you don’t usually use (like writing with the wrong hand), but it also has a strangely calming effect as you carefully fold corners and create objects from a flat piece of paper (like meditation). And best of all, all you need is a square of paper and YouTube to get you started! What’s stopping you?


Question Everything

Everything? We hear you ask. And yes, we really do mean everything. If you think about a young child who constantly asks ‘Why?’, they aren’t doing it to be annoying, they are doing it because they want to understand, they want to learn more about the world around them. So, by copying them, you will inevitably begin to understand more and learn more about things you didn’t know before.


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