Part-Time Courses for Adults

Part Time Courses for Adults

If you’re someone who’s thinking of a career change or going back into education, at Oxford Learning College there are plenty of part-time courses for adults that can help you develop new skills. Whether you want to go on to higher education through a university degree, move into a new industry, or learn something new for fun, at Oxford Learning College there are lots of online courses to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the different types of part-time courses adults can do, and how they work.

What are part-time courses?

Part-time courses, also known as online distance learning courses, enable you to learn new skills and vocations to prepare you for a new career or a higher education degree. Anyone can complete a part-time course, whether you’re just leaving secondary school, you’re an adult working full-time, or you’re retired.

Oxford Learning College’s online distance learning allows you to learn just using your electronic device. You can complete these courses anywhere in the world with internet access and most importantly in your own time.

There’s no need to attend a college or in-person class, and all the course content is accessible online. This makes it an excellent option for adults who are working, managing childcare, or dealing with other commitments.

You will be assigned a tutor who can help with all aspects of your coursework. They will also check your work so you can keep track of your progress throughout the duration of your course. These will be marked through continuous assessment.

What courses can I do part-time?

There is a wide variety of part-time online courses you can complete, with different qualifications available depending on whether you want to carry on to higher education or enter a particular career.

Some of the part-time courses you can complete online as an adult include:

Part-time A-Levels for adults

Many adults choose to go back and complete an A-Level in a subject that they didn’t learn in school or college, or retake a course if they didn’t get the grade they wanted.

If you want to complete a distance learning A-Level course in your own time, online distance learning allows you to learn at home just using your electronic device.  You can complete a part-time A-Level course or a fast-track A-Level depending on how much time you have to do the work.

Completing an online A-Level part-time gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace without the pressures of school or college.

Some of the subjects available through online part-time A-Level courses include:

You can complete these courses in your own time, at home, or wherever you are with total flexibility. You can then use your qualification to apply for a university degree, move on to another online course, or apply for a job in a relevant industry.

Part-time Diplomas

Diploma courses cover several different topics and levels from Level 2 which is equivalent to a GCSE, up to Level 7 which is equivalent to a Master’s. We offer Quality Licence Scheme diploma courses which you can complete in your own time. Taking a part-time diploma course gives you the option to learn a new skill which you could take into a university degree or a new career.

You can choose from a number of Diploma courses in a variety of levels and subjects:

If you’re looking to improve your CV or change careers, a Professional Level 3 Diploma would be the best option to choose. An Accredited Level 3 Diploma would be more suitable if you want to continue with higher education in the same topic.

Can I go to uni with a part-time Diploma?

Yes, you can get into university with a part-time diploma. Completing the diploma part-time doesn’t affect the qualification and many universities will accept a Level 3 diploma as these are equivalent to an A-Level. An Accredited Level 3 diploma carries 120 Academic credits which are equivalent to UCAS points and are recognised by many universities and colleges.

So if you’re an adult who’s thinking of starting a new degree, getting back into education, or just learning something new, a Diploma can help you achieve the qualifications you need.

Applying for an online course as an adult

At Oxford Learning College, we offer a selection of part-time courses for adults which you can apply for online. With these, you can achieve accredited qualifications from relevant governing bodies. Feel free to check out our full range of courses, or contact us for more information on what we offer.