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Partnership with Grand Home Care – Helping qualify Gibraltar’s Carers

14 members of the Grand Home Care team enrol on distance learning Health and Social Care courses made possible by Oxford Learning College’s new partnership with Grand Home Care.

Partnership with Grand Home Care – Helping qualify Gibraltar’s Carers

Oxford Learning College and Grand Home Care are pleased to announce a partnership that will raise the standard of care in Gibraltar. As part of their commitment to improve healthcare in Gibraltar, GHC focus on locating excellent natural local support workers and then help them to learn and develop throughout their career.

To supplement their existing vocational training, GHC have enrolled 14 of their employees on a series of distance learning courses provided by Oxford Learning College in Gibraltar.

The new students have been enrolled on a range of Level 3 Diplomas and Level 5 BTEC HND courses, equivalent to a foundation degree. It is hoped that these students will be the first of many students in Gibraltar to complete their studies via distance learning, which allows them to study without having to travel or stop working.

Congratulations to Nabila Gomez, Nicholas Hassan, Nirvana Sheehan, Leona Sycova, Skye Bolanos, Sarah Noguera, Katie Patterson, Kilena Gomez , Hazel Kellner, Shane Smith, Erika Ward, Shenelle Azzopardi and Najlae Boulaich who have been chosen to lead the way in the first group of many to complete Level Three Diplomas and Level five BTEC HND courses in Health and Social Care.