Paying for Courses by Instalment Plans

Instalment Plans

Paying for Courses by Instalment Plans

Getting Qualifications Needn’t Break the Bank, when Paying with Instalment Plans.

It’s no secret that education and qualifications for adults who have left school can get expensive. Once over a certain age, people often assume that it’s too late for them to gain any further qualifications or even dream of going to University. But that really isn’t the case!

At Oxford Learning College, we believe in making education as accessible and affordable as possible for all. If you want the chance to study and improve yourself or gain a certain qualification to secure a pay rise or entry to University, we want to try and help.

From our Professional Level 3 Diplomas through to our Accredited Level 7 Diplomas, we offer flexible interest free instalment plans that are open to all. This means you don’t need to save up to study and nor do you need to look at taking out a high interest loan. You can simply spread the payments of your course over an affordable period to suit you.

As an example, if you wanted to enrol on a Fast Track A Level course, the full course fee would be £365. Rather than paying that as one lump sum, you can opt to spread the cost over a 6-month period, meaning you can start studying right away and get that qualification you need.

“What’s the Catch?” You say

There really isn’t a catch to our instalment plans. You pick the course(s) you would like to study, select the length you would like to spread your payments over and provide payment details.

We don’t perform any credit checks and we don’t charge any interest, the only charge you will incur is a £40 admin fee to set the instalment plan up.

Provided you are aged 16 or over and have a Credit or Debit Card, you can enrol on one of our courses and pay for it by instalment plan. So what’s stopping you from enrolling?

For more information on our instalment plans, please click here.