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Reliable Online Revision Source Tips

Oxford Learning College CoursesReliable Online Revision Sources – by Philip Greening-Jackson.

If you want to know the answer to a question, you go to Google right? The problem with this is that the internet will give you a variety of answers. Some of which are correct or relate to what you actually want to know and others that are of no use.

I used to do a lot of blacksmithing. While chatting on forums with others, a member asked if he could make a knife out of reinforcing bar. We all agreed that whilst possible, it would probably be a waste of time, as the knife would be of unknown quality. Of course, this wasn’t the desired answer and so he searched online until he found a site that agreed with him.

The point being? There is a huge amount of rubbish on the internet and not all revision sites are equal. Some are misleading and some are downright wrong! Plus, if you discover a revision site which is accurate, it might not be for your qualification. Which means it could contain inaccurate material, which is not on your syllabus, or leave areas uncovered which are on your exam. You need to be careful and make sure the content you’re taking in, is what you need to know rather than like to know.

Follow these simple online revision rules:

  1. Find a site run by an authoritative publisher. The good publishers, Such as Longman, Pearson, OUP etc. will be good. Avoid ones which are put together by people who are just playing on the internet. If you have any doubts contact your tutor.
  2. Make sure that you’ve found a site which is an accurate match for your exam. For example, if you’re taking A Level Accountancy, a good AAT Technician level site will have a lot of good information, but will be a different syllabus. An AS level site will be useful but will not go far enough. So be careful!
  3. Don’t rely on solely on revision sites. They’re designed as final overviews for students who have covered the syllabus. You must know the material first, before you start to revise.

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